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Color Trends and Inspiration – Guilford Green

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Posted on August 27, 2015

Paint and stain manufacturer Benjamin Moore recently chose Guilford Green as their 2015 Color of the Year.


Ellen O’Neill, Creative director at Benjamin Moore described Guilford Green as:

“A neutral that’s natural. A silvery green that works with, well, everything. No worries. No second thoughts. Just a brush, dipped in a can, whooshed on a wall, and a whole lot of happily ever after. We chose Guilford Green as our 2015 Color of the Year because it can be the hero or the highlight in any room, enhancing the architectural identity of a space. Guilford Green is the perfect thread to connect nature, spaces and interiors with color schemes that signify fresh energy and growth.”

Guilford Green Bedroom

Taking cues from trends in fashion, textiles and the arts, the Benjamin Moore Color Studio team spotted the common thread of balanced palettes and a design sentiment that continued to reflect a sense of optimism. Guilford Green harmoniously complements the Benjamin Moore Color Trends 2015 palette, which also celebrates the concept of monochromatic colors – using warm, cool, dark and light layers of the same hue – in the home. With a monochromatic color scheme throughout a floor plan, each room can have a very distinctive look making it almost imperceptible that there is a single hue at work. Exploring monochromatic colors allows for a fresh approach in designing a room as a single hue, color combinations are endless. Employing various sheens creates another layer of texture in a space.

Guilford Green is soft with a hint of brown and gray in it. The result is a calming neutral look. This neutral paint will work with many different design styles and feels at home in contemporary, transitional or traditional homes.

In this naturally lit room, the Guilford Green paint gathers green from the plants outside, the artwork on the wall and the flowers on the bedside table. If you’re not a huge fan of tan and gray neutrals, you might give Guilford Green a try.

If you plan to use Guilford Green here are some ideas to help you pull it all together


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